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The silence beckoned

Personification giving physical qualities to a concept or the void Which also links to the emptiness because silence can also link to emptiness because it means nothingness in terms of silence which links to the void because the void is emptiness

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Joe Simpson quotes

“I probably was dying when Simon found me that night.” P217
“exquisite moment when I realised the nightmare was over and that
the rest of my life had just been given back to me.” P218
“confidence born of youth, too much testosterone and too little
imagination.” P220
“Isn’t memory a wonderful deceiver?” P226
“Life can deal you an amazing hand. Do you play it steady, bluff like
crazy or go all in? I’ll never know.” P227

Recovering from my injuries and getting back to the mountains were my priorities…90% of accidents are down to human error.” P215

Analysing after a climb what you did correctly or incorrectly is as important as being fit or talented.” P213

he did what I would have done in his place…” P212

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question 5

Sometimes difficult decisions have to be made. Describe a decision that you, or someone you know, had to make and explain the consequences.

Your piece will appear in the Real Lives section of your local newspaper. (16 marks)

difficult decisions are the reason why many things have been changed or affected durasticalyit was a difficult decision which influenced niel Armstrong to board a rocket to the moon and for Rosa parks to say she wanted to stay seated in her racist society and show to her oppressors that she was no longer going to be subjected to the oppression the her and the people like her were going through and the consequences in both cases being astronomical in Rosa parks case influencing many people to stand up to oppression and niel Armstrong’s case empowering a nation also furthering the understanding of the outside world to the human race. Personally I have not made any decisions of this astronomical level yet but I have made some important decisions but one decision I think has been the most important regarding to my life is the decision of my mum deciding to come to England to change her lifestyle in France my mum was looked down upon because of her being in a Muslim area she could not express herself as the person she wanted to be so one day she made the decision to leave her family behind and seek a new life in England this decision had massive consequences some to personal to right about but one which is quite big is my life if my mother nether came to England I would not have been born in comparison to the other decisions like Rosa parks decision to stay in her seat may have affected more people than my mums decision has affected me more than Rosa Parks decision which leads me to think that its quite hard to judge if a decision is important or not so I will conclude by saying that consequences make decisions important or less important but its also affected by the people who are affected.

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Many people believe that it is our duty to cut back on our use of the world’s resources, and that we must invest in greener forms of energy for the future – whatever the cost.

Write an article for an environmental website which argues for or against this idea.
(24 marks)

The idea that people have a duty to cut back on the use of resources and that we must invest in greener forms of energy for the future whatever the cost is in my opinion true and needs to be done to preserve human life in the way of reducing global warming and and ultimately reducing the strain on the planet so that we can preserve our species for a longer period of time. But i believe that the edition of “whatever the cost” makes me question Wether i should agree with the statement because by saying “whatever the cost” it could link to many things which are bad for other people so i personally agree with the statement partially but i think that it should not result in violence or harm to any one.

Many people could disagree with this statement maybe because they think that the environment is fine and the recourse intake is not an issue for the world. this would be wrong though because it has been scientifacly proved that the ozone level is thinning which has resulted in some areas becoming more warm or cold also the sea levels rising due to this.

ps sorry so short sir all i could do in 30 minutes

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English work

Almost every tHing YOu need to know about of mice and men can be seen through two things one being the way the characters look the other being how people react to them you can see this through the descriptive language used around the characters for example Lennie is often refereed to in the book as an animal for example “Lennie covered his face with his huge paws and bleatied with terror” this tells us a lot about him it links to his simple nature because animals are genraly less smart than humans also to him bieng quite big this could also link to the for shadowing element in the book this is one way in which you can understand them .

Another way in which you can understand is how people talk about Lennie

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Three points

Explain on greater detail my quotations
increase the variety of methods that I wright about

Of mice and men
Need to improve quality of analysis

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Unrealiable narration

Simon and joe have to different books this must mean that one is not happy with the other representation of the events

(Josh’s work)
Simons name is not on the book as an author

no one knows that joe has not wrote Simons part of the book and if Simon came out with the story that joes book is lying Simons automatically becomes compromised
Joe could be exaggerating but Simon could be guilty about the events of the mountain

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question what features are distinctive of text communication that aid brevity ?

through the modern era in which we live in we have made many innovations and inventions which have allowed us as a society to communicate freely and quickly with each over and with these innovations we have also as a society we have now demanded for more speed when it comes to communication due to things such as for example laziness or haste and through are demand for such things we have developed are own language to almost keep up with these innovations and through this we have created a new wide arrange of new terms and devices to aid are need for speed and brevity in are new era of communication.

one example of one device in which we use to aid brevity in our new form of text language is a new form of use of punctuation mainly used for emphasis on a point for example “next I got art, courseworks long!!” in this case the communicator is trying to emphasise that something is long but by adding two exclamation marks which makes the receiver understand in greater detail of his feelings towards the subject of his text which aids brevity in the way that if the communicator wanted to make the precipitant understand this true feelings on the subject matter using proper English he would go into detail about why it is long but by using simple punctuation he has made his true feelings on the subject matter this aids brevity in the way that now the communicator does not have to explain his true feelings or explain the emphisis on the subject all this person needs to do is use punctuation in way to show this emphasis this is one device which we have created to aid brevity in text communication.


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